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Martial Arts
Club Information
User President: Jorrell Ruben Figueroa
Vice President: G Policastri
Treasurer: Jennifer Mead
PR/Marketing: Chris Alvarado
Instructor/Coach: Malcolm Hill
Instructor/Coach: Neha Ghosh
Money $20/semester
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Practice Schedule
Calendar There are no events scheduled at this time

Martial Arts

*First Practice: September 6th*
Loree Gym, C/D Campus
Tuesday and Thursdays
9:00 11:00 PM
Stand Up Instruction
Loree Gym, C/D Campus

4:00 - 6:00pm
Open Mat Practice
Wrestling Room, College Ave Gym

For Questions please contact ""

Training to learn self-defense, basic techniques, sparring, and more. We teach an integrated martial arts, including Muay Thai, JKD, Silat, Savate, Aikido, American Combat Karate.

The goal of Rutgers University Martial Arts is to become an avenue towards self-fulfillment and to foster a greater sense of community through the active practice of multi-discipline martial arts.

The philosophy of the art advocates the avoidance of situations that would place the individual in physical danger, and martial arts provide the tools of self-defense if physical confrontation is unavoidable. The self-discipline and dedication necessary required to progress through the martial arts training can be applied to situations outside of the training area.

In addition to the physical training, students are taught to help build a strong community. Community projects and demonstrations are as much a benefit to others as they are to members of our organization. Aspects of integrity, perseverance, humility, and patience are enhanced in every individual that is successful at the martial arts. Martial arts is not only a physical sport, but also a means to develop a person's mind, body, and spirit. Through martial arts training, members have an opportunity to become physically fit and healthy, and increase self confidence. Our organization's goal is to provide tools for self-defense, develop teamwork, and provide an environment for the learning of new ideas.

Practice can be rigorous at times but most students end up enjoying it the whole time. Sparring sessions are more frequent for tournaments but everyone is encouraged to participate or at least get a feel for fighting.  Please have a look around our site and if you have the chance, join our club for a class.

Open to all of the Rutgers Community; join at anytime during the semester.

Beginners and Advanced belts are welcome

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